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The average human being experiences different challenges and emotions in different phases of life. However, emotions such as grief, uncertainty about the future, hopelessness and loneliness may particularly prove hard to deal with. When faced with challenges and emotions, human beings will turn to different things in search of solace. These may include religion, spirituality and even psychics. We compare and contrast spirituality and the use of psychics: in person readings, online readings or telephone psychic readings.

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What they are

The definition and meaning of spirituality has changed over the years. In the modern day, spirituality involves the search for meaning, purpose and it encompasses experiences whereby human beings feel connected to a higher human being. While some forms of spirituality are linked to religion, it is also possible for a non-religious individual to experience spirituality.

Psychics on the other hand are human beings who are believed to have superior senses such that they can derive information from the universe, information that a normal human being may not be able to perceive. These individuals are therefore believed to possess the power to see what the future holds and to help individuals make peace with their past using various methods such as communication with the spirits of their dead relatives.


People who pursue spirituality and psychic readings do so as a result of their personal beliefs and preferences.  In addition, both practices give a sense of hope to people in hopeless situations, help individuals accept and make peace with their past actions or lack thereof and help people find the right path in life. In both, there are respected individuals or practitioners who are recognised and respected as leaders. These leaders may offer guidance in instances of self-doubt and assist individuals in enhancing their belief system and life. Therefore, both contribute immensely to happiness and the success of human beings in various sectors of life.


Spirituality, unlike psychics, may involve religious traditions and usually includes the belief in a higher more powerful being. It also includes the connection of human beings to the world, the people around them and a higher more powerful being. Psychics on the other hand use their amplified senses to perceive information that cannot be perceived using the normal human senses. They believe in the power of the universe and that they can derive information from the universe.

While our personal belief systems may differ, at the end of the day, what is more important is to lead a high quality life full of happiness, forgiveness, hope and love. Therefore, whether you believe in spirituality or psychics, your aim should be to continually improve your life.